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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
5:43 am
The Return Of The Meersbrook Raiders
As of, er, now, I'm going to make a serious effort to get some routines back in place and keep myself and the flat both ticking over nicely. The last time I was doing well at this chorewars helped enormously and I intend to start using it again - but it's no fun without company!

Anyone else fancy coming back? :-)

Current Mood: optimistic
Monday, March 3rd, 2008
8:53 pm
I manage to keep one or two "rooms" clean at a time. My bedroom is clean, but I've not really been home. The kitchen is almost clean because it was sparkling before I went away. The car is impressively clean: I was giving Mum and her friends a lift to the Casino and was so embarrassed that I had to wash and hoover it. I even antibacterial-wiped the mats.

The ex-Brownie room is terrible. I still haven't gone through the stuff and sorted into stuff for Rainbows/Guides, stuff for other Brownies and stuff to throw. The bathroom is easily sorted but I'm lacking application... I might clean it tomorrow morning after I've had my shower. The dining room has all the stuff I pulled out of the car which needs to be gone through [1], my clean washing (on racks) plus the ironing. It's also got my allotment seed collection and the dyson in bits (because I pulled off the attachments to hoover inside the car. The living room has my empty case from last weekend, what looks like a roll of bin bags, shoes, paper for recycling, books, hangers, make-up and a tottering pile of magazines.

I think I need to start chorewars again.

[1] I've thrown away a couple of important/valuable things because I've just put stuff from the car straight into the bin.
Monday, February 4th, 2008
4:07 pm
New Adventure
As there is an overlap between the chorewars team and the fat fangirls, I've added a new adventure to the Meersbrook Park Raiders, the Five-A-Day challenge.

If there any other related adventures you'd like to have, just shout!
Sunday, October 14th, 2007
7:33 am
Well, I'mback.
I've not updated chorewars for ages. A few time it wouldn't let me log in and then I got out of the habit. I also got out of the habit of doing things like making the bed but I'm up this morning and the bed is made. The weather is pants, again, so I'm going to spend my allotment time cleaning up and recording.
Sunday, October 7th, 2007
2:57 am
I've finally worked this out
I'm doing a lot more chores nowadays so this chore-dungeon is clearly working in giving me some necessary focus (useful in my current mental state). In spite of this the flat still always looks cluttered. I've finally worked out what the problem is - I must have too much stuff. Clearly if I want the place to look properly tidy then I'm going to need a bigger flat. :)
Monday, October 1st, 2007
7:24 am
This 'having a job' lark is ridiculous.
I can't help but wonder how the hell the rest of you do it. In ten minutes I'll be leaving the house to commence my third ever week of full-time paid employment and the flat has just collapsed into a shambles around me. I got some stuff done on Saturday but quite frankly, the place is a tip and living in it is really beginning to upset me.

See, I've always had an overactive social life. And it's still just as busy now as ever it was, except I'm fitting it all into evenings and weekends and I don't have the daytimes to Get Things Done. This means that I'm always exhausted and nothing ever Gets Done.

Add to this the fact that my father very rarely does and cleaning or tidying and the fact that actually, I only have the spoons to sort out my own mess, and what you've got is one very messy flat. It's actually bad enough to make me wish I lived alone, and given how shite I am at living alone that's really saying something.

/me sighs
I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. Somewhere, surely, there must be people with full-time jobs and active social lives and happy families and clean houses. I'm sure they exist. Really. They must do.

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
10:39 pm
News from ChoreWars
"A new adventurer role has been added: that of the NPC. A party's Dungeon Masters can claim chores on the NPC's behalf, without the NPC having to log in - this is intended for parties with young children, but can be adapted for whatever you can think of." So you can add kids, cats, slugs, husbands who do the chores but don't update their character sheets unless prodded with a big stick, that kind of thing. But only DMs can claim on their behalf, so don't go adding too many cos there are only two of us!

Any more ideas?

"We've got five new avatar images, and some new monster pictures - check your settings page if you want to change your icon." and I have changed mine to match the way I feel about the world at the moment. And rodents in particular.
Friday, August 24th, 2007
11:14 pm
I've added Locations to the Meersbrook Raiders' Adventures, shout if you don't like them / want them changed.
Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
8:27 pm
Locations of Adventures
from chorewars news - Dungeon Masters can now assign locations to adventures (such as "kitchen", "bathroom" or "the Poisonous Jungle of Kraaagh"), which will make them easier to find in the claim dropdown:

What are locations?
These are effectively categories of chore - adventures with the same location will be grouped together in the "claim" dropdown, and also on the "Adventures" list. They're just to make it easier for people to find the adventure that they want to claim.

You can name the locations however you like - it probably makes most sense to name them after areas of your house (with whatever fantastical spin you feel like giving the names), but you're free to categorise them however you like.

What do we think?
Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and garden are all pretty standard and self-explanatory, but what else?
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
10:19 pm
Swapping gold for stuff
I've decided that once I get to 1000gp I'm going to treat myself to something as a reward. I don't know what it's going to be yet, but I'll keep you all updated. :)
Tuesday, August 7th, 2007
7:38 am
Some things I won't be claiming points for.
The need to sort out the allotment [1] has thrown me right up to the top of the chorewars leader board. I've now decided that there are the things I do anyway (and don't consider chores, particularly) I'm not going to claim for, just because it's no fun otherwise. Making the bed and washing up get claimed for because that is a recent habit.

I answer email as part of my job and am usually pretty rigorous about personal mail. I don't get that much anyway.
I've been getting ready for the morning for years. I actually get ready for the week on Sunday night, putting my fruit and longlife milk in my bag.
I've never had a problem remembering to eat breakfast so I'm stopping claiming it.
I am a compulsive to-do lister. Anyone who has seen my journal knows it's the only way I can manage my busy life some weeks.
I no longer enjoy the vast majority of pre-packaged food [2] and cook from raw ingredients at home. I started a few years ago when I found lots of packaged meals too rich and the alloment gives me even more incentive to cook. I'm lucky that I've the time at the moment to cook something different most nights although the busy winter nights often see a four day run of shepherd's pie or scouse.

So there you go. These are habits I developed before chorewars, some longstanding, some more recent. These may not be the things that you need, but they help me day-to-day. They are NOT, as Caroline claims, evidence that I'm, "quite OCD over cleaning".

[1] I wandered along the rest of the plots last night and I'm not quite the disgrace I thought I was. This is what happens when your plot is sandwiched between the retired and rabid allotmenteers.
[2] Exceptions are lasagne and various fiddly chinese meals.
Monday, August 6th, 2007
9:04 pm
Silver linings
So. Fox sightings in our garden have become more frequent. And the garden's a mess. So Steven went out armed with gauntlets and secateurs to hack back the brambles. And it turns out the blackberries are ripe. So he gets lots of chore wars points for bramble hacking -- and everyone else in the party got lots of points for blackberry picking. I have 2 1/2 pounds so far, with more to come tomorrow.

Edit: And while we were doing it, M said 'hey, Mum! This is the sort of thing that families are supposed to do together, isn't it!'
Sunday, August 5th, 2007
6:56 pm
New adventure
Could someone edit my "cook a meal" to be "cooking" and upper case, please?
10:54 am
A Sunday morning ramble about cleaning
Oh God, the bizarre thing about this is that it actually works. I've just gone and made my bed because glancing at the 'This Week' page and seeing that ang_grrr had just done hers reminded me that I hadn't yet. And let's not mention the long-procrastinated vacuuming I did yesterday, inspired by the fact that I'd fallen into third place on the Party sheet...

And I'm still doing FlyLady, which is crap and Americanised and extremely badly written and horrifically sexist, but also appears to Actually Work. Which is odd.

Ahh well. At least the flat's tidy. It's unrecognisable from the flat of a few months ago, I'll tell you that much.

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
3:34 pm
Uh oh.
Two gardening tasks. Anyone know how to delete an adventure?
Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
9:14 am
It strikes me that I'm going to do fairly well at this, simply through living by myself. I have to do the washing up etc. because if I don't I can't eat.

While I'm here, a domestic query. I left a load of washing in the machine overnight. I use a wash-ball which leaves my clothes clean but fragrance free. This meant that there's nothing to mask the musky damp washing smell.

Not wanting to wash them again I hit on an idea and added a drop of rose oil to some water and added it to the iron. My clothes smell rosy, but I'm wondering if I've knackered my iron? It was sounding a bit spluttery but then I've no descaled it since I bought it last year.
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