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It strikes me that I'm going to do fairly well at this, simply through living by myself. I have to do the washing up etc. because if I don't I can't eat.

While I'm here, a domestic query. I left a load of washing in the machine overnight. I use a wash-ball which leaves my clothes clean but fragrance free. This meant that there's nothing to mask the musky damp washing smell.

Not wanting to wash them again I hit on an idea and added a drop of rose oil to some water and added it to the iron. My clothes smell rosy, but I'm wondering if I've knackered my iron? It was sounding a bit spluttery but then I've no descaled it since I bought it last year.
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We don't iron, so I wouldn't know ...
"I'm going to do fairly well at this, simply through living by myself"

[giggle] As my extremely grumpy post of this morning on my own journal will testify to, housework is the thing that makes me wish I lived alone. Things would stay tidy and Where I Left Them, it'd be great...
You should add a task for "hitting inconsiderate buggers over the head"
[laughs] Oh, I wish! Luckily for him he has gone to work now. I suspect that as I don't work and one or both of us is always out or away most weekends I get so used to being here alone that for the few hours every morning we're here together we grate on each other's nerves a bit. The evenings are fine and we do get on very well (hell, I'm still living here, aren't I?) - but we are both Crap At Mornings.
I think I could do fairly well too for that reason. That and the current insane (to me) amount of exercise I'm doing.

It's interesting to see the adventures that are appearing - they seem to be all the things that we either hate doing or need to get around to at some point or another. I like this as a motivational tool, and I'm sure it'd work well for things other than housework. Or it would for sad scifi looneys like us, that is. :)
Here in the US, they sell lavender-scented water for your iron. Nice faint scent that suggests "clean" to me. I haven't used fabric softener since I found out that they contain animal fat. I do put a bit of white vinegar in the rinse cycle since I do know it helps the soap rinse out easier.