Persephone Hazard (seph_hazard) wrote in chorewars,
Persephone Hazard

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A Sunday morning ramble about cleaning

Oh God, the bizarre thing about this is that it actually works. I've just gone and made my bed because glancing at the 'This Week' page and seeing that ang_grrr had just done hers reminded me that I hadn't yet. And let's not mention the long-procrastinated vacuuming I did yesterday, inspired by the fact that I'd fallen into third place on the Party sheet...

And I'm still doing FlyLady, which is crap and Americanised and extremely badly written and horrifically sexist, but also appears to Actually Work. Which is odd.

Ahh well. At least the flat's tidy. It's unrecognisable from the flat of a few months ago, I'll tell you that much.
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