fran dowd (frandowdsofa) wrote in chorewars,
fran dowd

News from ChoreWars

"A new adventurer role has been added: that of the NPC. A party's Dungeon Masters can claim chores on the NPC's behalf, without the NPC having to log in - this is intended for parties with young children, but can be adapted for whatever you can think of." So you can add kids, cats, slugs, husbands who do the chores but don't update their character sheets unless prodded with a big stick, that kind of thing. But only DMs can claim on their behalf, so don't go adding too many cos there are only two of us!

Any more ideas?

"We've got five new avatar images, and some new monster pictures - check your settings page if you want to change your icon." and I have changed mine to match the way I feel about the world at the moment. And rodents in particular.
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