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This 'having a job' lark is ridiculous.

I can't help but wonder how the hell the rest of you do it. In ten minutes I'll be leaving the house to commence my third ever week of full-time paid employment and the flat has just collapsed into a shambles around me. I got some stuff done on Saturday but quite frankly, the place is a tip and living in it is really beginning to upset me.

See, I've always had an overactive social life. And it's still just as busy now as ever it was, except I'm fitting it all into evenings and weekends and I don't have the daytimes to Get Things Done. This means that I'm always exhausted and nothing ever Gets Done.

Add to this the fact that my father very rarely does and cleaning or tidying and the fact that actually, I only have the spoons to sort out my own mess, and what you've got is one very messy flat. It's actually bad enough to make me wish I lived alone, and given how shite I am at living alone that's really saying something.

/me sighs
I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. Somewhere, surely, there must be people with full-time jobs and active social lives and happy families and clean houses. I'm sure they exist. Really. They must do.
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