Ang (ang_grrr) wrote in chorewars,


I manage to keep one or two "rooms" clean at a time. My bedroom is clean, but I've not really been home. The kitchen is almost clean because it was sparkling before I went away. The car is impressively clean: I was giving Mum and her friends a lift to the Casino and was so embarrassed that I had to wash and hoover it. I even antibacterial-wiped the mats.

The ex-Brownie room is terrible. I still haven't gone through the stuff and sorted into stuff for Rainbows/Guides, stuff for other Brownies and stuff to throw. The bathroom is easily sorted but I'm lacking application... I might clean it tomorrow morning after I've had my shower. The dining room has all the stuff I pulled out of the car which needs to be gone through [1], my clean washing (on racks) plus the ironing. It's also got my allotment seed collection and the dyson in bits (because I pulled off the attachments to hoover inside the car. The living room has my empty case from last weekend, what looks like a roll of bin bags, shoes, paper for recycling, books, hangers, make-up and a tottering pile of magazines.

I think I need to start chorewars again.

[1] I've thrown away a couple of important/valuable things because I've just put stuff from the car straight into the bin.
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